About Me

I was born in South East London and grew up enjoying the hustle and bustle of urban life. However, it was not until my teenage years when I moved with my family to Kent that I really appreciated the freedom and beauty that this wonderful county offers and why it is deservedly known as ‘The Garden of England’.

I now live on the border of Kent and Greater London which in my opinion gives me the best of both worlds where I can gain diverse inspiration from the exciting architecture and rush of London life to the tranquillity and relaxing atmosphere of the Kentish countryside. Travelling abroad has enriched my passion for painting with the ever changing colours and light which can bring to life the most ordinary of subjects.

Although mainly self taught I have been fortunate enough to have studied under esteemed artists such as Ron Ranson and Ray Campbell-Smith and their influences have enabled me to develop my own loose style of painting which captures the essence of the subject whilst evoking the emotions and atmosphere surrounding it. In turn, my own students have found this a relaxing and rewarding technique.