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Californian Poppies Bluebells Buttercups
Glorious orange poppies presenting their faces to the sun . Pretty little bluebells with thier heads hanging like lanterns. Sunny deep golden buttercups.
Clematis Cornflowers Crocuses
Beautiful lilac clematis climbing towards the sun. Deep blue cornflowers. The vibrant colours of crocuses in the new spring season.
Crocuses in the Snow Daffodils Daisies
The wonderful sight of crocus bulbs pushing through the snow to indicate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The lovely yellow trumpets of daffodils. Little delicate daisies in the grass.
Fuchsia Irises Lavender
Delicate bells of the beautiful Fuchsia shrub. The deep purple hues of the Iris. The vibrant hues of the highly fragrant Lavender plant.
Lily of the Valley Primrose Snowdrops
Tiny fragrant and white Lily of the Valley The delicate shades of our native primrose which is a common sight in the countryside of Britain. One of the first signs of spring, delicate pure white snowdrops pushing their way up through the snow.
Starburst Lily Summer Poppies Sweet Pea
Beautiful, fragrant pink Starburst Lilies. The strong red hues of poppies in the summer sun. Sweet pea plants winding their way.
Tiger Lily Tulips Field Poppies
Vivid orange Tiger Lilies Red and yellow tulip bulbs in full bloom. Field Poppies.
A painting of pansies. Field Poppies Meadow Cornflowers
Field Poppies. A painting of wild roses. Sky blue meadow cornflowers
Spring Tulips
Spring Tulips standing proud